trench coat

DIY: Raf Simons & Sterling Ruby camel coat

My first time seeing this coat was an interview of ASAP Rocky when I have seen him wearing the coat I was like "what brand is this coat?" when I found out the coat was from AW 14 collection by Raf Simons I admittedly wanted to buy this item but the price for it was too expensive for my taste so I went to the thrift store and created my version of the coat.

  • Place the coat on a flat surface.
  • Get you some duck tape or masking tape to keep your lines straight.
  • When you get the tape place it how you want your shapes to form.
  • When you're done placing the shapes get you some paint and a paint brush give it light strokes when you start painting. 
  • After that let it dry for 20-25 mins or use a fan to dry the coat quicker.